What Should I Do After an Accident?

It often seems as though car accidents occur within seconds, barely leaving you time to take a breath. Once you’ve been given a chance to get a hold on the situation, it’s important for your sake, and anyone involved that you take specific steps afterward. Furthermore, you might find that you’ve inadvertently skipped a step or overlooked important information. If you aren’t sure, contact us so we can help.

Exchange Information

When you are involved in a car accident in New York, you are required to stop and exchange information with any drivers involved. This information includes driver’s license information, car insurance, and registration. It is a crime and often considered a hit and run if you fail to exchange information and leave the scene of the accident.

Filing a Police Report

In most car accidents that result in injury and extensive property damage, you want to contact the authorities immediately for a police report. While this might seem like a simple document, it can provide helpful information later on if you seek compensation for your injuries. Fortunately, at this point in the process, most of the work is completed for you, it’s just a matter of making sure it is included. It’s especially important if anyone is injured in the accident, that you file an accident report with the DMV.

[H2]Steps Vary According to the Accident

While it’s important to follow proper procedure after an accident, the process might vary according to the type of accident. For instance, if you have hit a parked car or animal, it is your responsibility to try to locate the owners. Without doing so, you could face a hit and run charge. If you aren’t able to track anyone down, it’s in your best interest to contact the police. Furthermore, because accidents of any type can be complicated, do not assume or automatically accept responsibility for any accident, even if it involves a parked car. Many factors are involved in car accidents and each requires a qualified attorney to investigate.

Don’t Make Common Mistakes

It’s easy to want to settle the accident and the details immediately and often, negotiating with the other drive might seem both convenient and more amicable. However, this is a common mistake that can lead to other issues and expenses in the future. It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid negotiating any part of the process alone. You also don’t want to leave the scene of the accident until all information has been exchanged and the accident itself has been settled properly. Even if you are still on the scene and aren’t sure what to do, call us. The experienced lawyers at Greenstein and Milbauer can help make sure you don’t make any costly mistakes.

While it’s possible during a car accident and right afterward that you weren’t in the clearest frame of mind, don’t worry if you missed any steps or forgot to do something. We can help you fill in the missing pieces. But it’s important that you contact us immediately.

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