Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Queens

Pedestrian accidents can be just as devastating as car accidents, often resulting in severe injuries that last the rest of your life. In 2013, there were more than 66,000 pedestrian injuries in traffic crashes, nearly 5,000 of which were fatal. A pedestrian accident is not something to brush off and attempt to manage on your own. Whether you are struck by a car while walking on a sidewalk or crosswalk, it’s crucial that you seek the assistance of a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer in Queens who can help you move forward.

Pedestrian Accidents are Complicated

Because of the massive power involved in a vehicle of any type hitting an unshielded pedestrian, people often make assumptions and swiftly claim negligence on the driver’s part. Although it’s possible the driver was negligent, and pedestrians are often given the right-of-way whether in crosswalks or not, establishing fault isn’t always a simple matter. In fact, it’s possible that both parties were negligent. Whether you are the driver or the pedestrian in an accident, these cases are complicated and require an attorney who knows how to research and hold the appropriate party responsible.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

While different insurance companies typically cover both the driver and the pedestrian, you risk becoming victimized all over again dealing with someone who might not have your best interests in mind. Pedestrian accidents can result in devastating and long-term injuries, both physical and mental, and attempting to negotiate alone can result in insufficient compensation or no compensation you’re your injuries from an accident were caused by someone else, you deserve to receive full compensation for the injuries you suffer from now and in the future.

Pedestrian Accident Expenses

Like many accidents, pedestrian accidents can affect your life dramatically. Not only are there typically short-term injuries which limit mobility, but you also risk long-term injuries such as loss of vision that can change your life forever. There is also a chance you can’t go to work while recovering or worse; you may not be able to perform your duties in the same type of job ever again. When there is a loss of income and the ability to work, you will need help dealing with the bills resulting from the injury as well as your day-to-day expenses. This is without even considering that much of your lifestyle, hobbies, sports, and activities will change dramatically.

Finding a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Because pedestrian accidents require dealing with health insurance companies, car insurance companies, medical facilities, and various other professionals, it’s crucial you have someone representing you to make sure you receive fair treatment according to New York law. A qualified pedestrian accident lawyer in Queens can assist you with the process from the beginning to the end.

Even if you aren’t sure whose fault it was, whether you are the driver or the pedestrian in a pedestrian accident, you need skilled lawyers to navigate the process. At Greenstein and Milbauer, we are committed to ensuring you receive any and all compensation you might be entitled. Contact us online immediately or call us at 1-800-VICTIM2 (1-800-842-8462) so we can help.