How Much Will this Cost Me?

It is difficult, if not impossible to give an exact dollar amount before the case is over. The important thing is that you pay nothing out of pocket or upfront. The fees are calculated on a contingency basis so that if you don’t receive a settlement offer, you aren’t held responsible for extra expenses. Even if you receive a settlement offer, the fees and expenses are deducted from the settlement so you never have to worry about saving up to pay lawyer fees, stretching your finances even further, or becoming bankrupt simply because of an accident caused by someone else.

Avoid Extra Debt

Medical expenses in the United States are one of the primary expenses that force families into bankruptcy. This shouldn’t happen to you simply because you experienced injuries and expenses due to someone else’s actions. Rather than add the stress and expense of attorneys fees and court fees necessary in seeking compensation, the contingent fee arrangement allows you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

What about Miscellaneous Fees?

In some cases, there are expenses involved in hiring professional witnesses for testimony, procuring documents, filing fees, testing, and so forth. Typically, these fees are also deducted from your settlement in the end, so you never have to take anything out of your own pocket to pay for them. Many of these fees are accounted for in the claim itself, allowing you to pursue your claim without the additional worry of covering the cost of expenses that are necessary to your case.

Make Sure You Have a Qualified Legal Team on Your Side

One of the reasons it pays to hire qualified accident lawyers is that some of the miscellaneous costs involved in the lawsuit can be quite expensive. Were you to file the suit without a lawyer, you would be responsible for paying the fees upfront and then left to hope you recovered them in the settlement. On top of that, you may not have accounted for or even been aware of certain fees in the beginning. Most victims aren’t in the position to pay for the expenses involved, but this shouldn’t stop you from seeking any compensation you are entitled to.

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