How Long to Receive a Settlement?

The time it takes to receive a settlement from a personal injury case is going to depend on several factors, most of which you have control over. Factors such as how fast paperwork is processed are beyond both yours and your lawyer’s control. However, you can make sure documents and important information is provided promptly, which can affect how soon you might reach a settlement. While there is no way to predict how long the process might take, there are steps you can take to make sure there aren’t unnecessary delays.

Taking Your Claim Seriously

One of the biggest factors any court of law looks at is how seriously you take your claim. If you aren’t seeking to address the issues in a timely manner, it can appear as if you aren’t taking the claim seriously. For example, if you have medical issues as a result of your injuries, it’s important you make it to all of your appointments and follow your medical directives accordingly. When you aren’t managing your own medical care as you should, your medical issues could appear less severe. If this happens, you reduce your chances of winning your case or if you do win, you may receive an offer in an insufficient amount that doesn’t cover all your expenses.

Maintain a Paper Trail

When it comes to legal matters, if there isn’t documentation, it didn’t happen. You may not have to collect all of the documents yourself, as some of them may be subpoenaed if necessary, but you should have your own copies for every step of the process in your own records. This way, when there is a document that you need to turn in, you already have access to it. Some of the documents you can expect to produce or may be requested include:

  • Medical records
  • Police reports
  • Damage reports
  • Repair bills
  • Attendance history for employment
  • Indirect expenses

Once all the documents are submitted and filed, your attorney will work on negotiating a fair settlement. However, keep in mind that the entire process can be lengthy, but it’s the only way your lawyer can ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

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