Car Accident Lawyer Rockaway Queens

Rockaway, Queens, is one of the most unique New York neighborhoods. Situated on a peninsula in Long Island, this area is living with the results of rapid growth followed by a declining economy. In fact, it grew so quickly that its layout even has an impact on car accidents in the area. On some of the streets, it takes real skill to drive down the road without getting into a car accident. And yet, there are still those who know this and don’t follow traffic laws or pay attention as they should. When you encounter one of those people on the road, be sure to contact a car accident lawyer in Rockaway Queens.

Road Restrictions in Rockaway

The restrictions on Rockaway roads don’t appear in the form of local laws that are too stringent, but in the layout of the neighborhood itself. This area grew so quickly, that on some streets there isn’t enough room for cars to pass each other safely. Most of those roads are one-way streets, so it isn’t a matter of passing a moving vehicle so much as it is just trying to maneuver past parked cars. When those parked cars try to pull out into the street, accidents happen.

Who or What Is Responsible for Your Accident?

However, the road restrictions in the Rockaway also remind us that it isn’t always another person but instead an entity or thing such as poor road maintenance, road construction, or bad weather that is responsible for car accidents. With New York City roads being rated the sixth worst in the nation, it’s possible you’ll need someone to track down the appropriate entity when seeking compensation. In any event, a qualified attorney can help you determine who or what is responsible for your injuries.

Experienced Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers

Rockaway, like any other neighborhood, has seen its fair share of accidents. It’s important to make sure you select an attorney with experience in car accidents, who is also familiar with the area itself. With your future finances, property, or even medical care on the line, it’s important that you choose an experienced car accident lawyer in Rockaway Queens to navigate the process.

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