Car Accident Lawyer Forest Hills Queens

Whether you live in the planned garden city area of Forest Hills, or the more densely populated area of this unique neighborhood, there is always a risk of being involved in a car accident when you travel. It’s not just because people make mistakes either, but because no matter where you live there’s always a risk of becoming too comfortable and less alert. Mistake or not, if you have been in a car accident it’s important that you contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Forest Hills, Queens, and take action so you don’t have to pay for someone else’s negligence for the rest of your life.

Short and Long-Term Issues after a Car Accident

From the moment another car touches yours, there is a potential for short and long-term issues that you may not have considered. When the body experiences trauma from car accidents, chemicals are released which can result in not even realizing you have been injured. Immediate injuries can turn into long-term medical issues such as traumatic brain injury; damage to your car can lead to financial problems such as job loss or expensive repairs you can’t afford. The attorneys at Greenstein and Milbauer can help you handle these issues and assist you in identifying potential problems you might experience in the future.

Importance of Relying on Forest Hills Law Experience

Sometimes you become so overwhelmed with the things you have to manage after an accident that it’s possible to overlook important details even in your own personal injuries. It helps to have an experienced car accident lawyer in Forest Hills, Queens. Not only are we familiar with the local laws, but we know which details require research and focus. As an example, you might view a broken arm as a moderate injury, but to the state of New York, it might be considered severe. This type of injury can also lead to long-term issues that can cost you well beyond your financial means. It pays to have experience on your side when you attempt to manage the issues now as well as though that may occur in the future.

Greenstein and Milbauer Can Help

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident in Forest Hills, you don’t have to attempt to manage this difficult process by yourself. The attorneys at Greenstein and Milbauer, LLP come with over 15 years experience with accident law and are qualified to help. Contact us online or call us at 1-800-VICTIM2 (1-800-842-8462) for your free initial consultation.